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South Atlanta Flood & Water Damage Restoration

South Atlanta is a culturally-rich area. Even newer neighborhoods have their own unique flair. Whether you live in a historic home or a have a brand new commercial building downtown, you need to protect it. Disaster can strike our bustling city at any time.

At Triangle Legacy, we work hard to be your one-stop disaster restoration solution in South Atlanta. Our team of local specialists can tackle any size project and help you to recover your property as quickly as possible.

Triangle Legacy: About Our South Atlanta Team

Our goal at Triangle Legacy is to offer high-quality service unlike any other. We want to set ourselves apart from other Atlanta restoration services, so we work hard to complete each project as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whether you are contacting us to care for your home or a large commercial building, we will always treat your property as if it were our own.

The disaster recovery specialists at Triangle Legacy are experienced in correcting major issues in the Atlanta area. We leverage our experience to identify the most effective solutions available so we can quickly restore your property. Whether you are recovering from a fire, flood, or mold infestation, we are here to help. Our team handles it all!

Triangle Legacy strives to help you restore your building as fast as possible!

All About Triangle Legacy’s Residential and Commercial Disaster Recovery Services

South Atlanta has several unique, gorgeous homes and commercial buildings. Your property is no exception! Our restoration company knows the importance of protecting your property and will always make it a top priority. We understand that things can be a little hectic after a disaster, especially if you had no warning or time to prepare. That’s why we work hard to take care of every detail of your home restoration project as quickly as possible. Triangle Legacy provides worry-free services that city residents and business owners can rely on.

  • Atlanta is full of rolling hills, which means floods are very common in the area. Any property can be susceptible to water damage. Our specialists can help you to clear the water from your space as quickly as possible to avoid further damage.
  • Time is of the essence when it comes to home restoration. No matter how extensive the initial damage is, it can always get worse. You need to take immediate action to prevent additional water, mold, or fire damage. Our team of local specialists will help you repair leaky pipes, overflowing toilets, and other potential issues.
  • Fire damage can be devastating to a home or business. The aftermath of the fire can be very stressful and there is often damage from extinguishing the flames. If you want to restore your space, you need to take immediate action.

We understand just how stressful disaster recovery can be. Our team of local home restoration specialists are well-versed in repair and recovery techniques that can help you get your property back to normal as quickly as possible. Triangle Legacy is here to help you take charge of your water, fire, or mold damage. No job is too big or too small for our experienced team!

What Our South Atlanta Disaster Recovery Services Have to Offer

When it comes to property restoration and disaster recovery in the South Atlanta area, every project is going to be a little different. That’s why we pay close attention to detail on every project. We want to help you recover your property and we want to do things right the first time!

Here are just a few of the benefits Triangle Legacy has to offer:

  • 24-7 Service: Disasters never follow a set schedule, so we are prepared to help you at any time. Our emergency response team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Best of all, we will dispatch someone within one hour of your call.
  • No Obligation: You don’t have to hire us just because we assessed your home. Before we even get started on your project, we require a signed agreement. This is because we want you to know exactly what you are getting before hiring us and we want you to know what your options are.
  • Free Consultation: We always start with a free estimate and consultation.
  • Free Estimates: Make an informed decision about your project by knowing the costs in advance. We will describe the options you have available so you can choose how to move forward with your project.
  • Specialized Services: Our team has experience working with home and business owners who have been victims of a disaster.

Our Trademarks

Our South Atlanta home and business restoration services follow several principals:

  • Transparency
  • Reliability
  • Expertise
  • Customer Service
  • Integrity
  • Communication
  • Professionalism

At Triangle Legacy, we provide disaster recovery services designed to help you restore your South Atlanta home or business fast. Our team offers peace of mind knowing your project is in the hands of local experts!

Disaster Recovery Services Available in South Atlanta Now

It’s always unfortunate to see disasters affect South Atlanta residents. We want you to feel confident whenever you turn to the Triangle Legacy team for help. Whether you need restoration services in a home or commercial building we are here to help.

Our services include:

  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services: Get your carpet and furniture looking its best with the help of our experienced specialists. Whether you need assistance with an odor after a flood or want to get rid of stains before company arrives, our team is happy to help.
  • Drain Cleaning Services: Clogs can be a huge disruption to your home. Our experienced team quickly clears your bathtub, sink, or toilet and gets the water flowing correctly in no time.
  • Emergency Disaster Response Services: Our team is available at any time to help you restore your property on a moment’s notice. Our emergency response crew will arrive within one hour of your phone call to offer assistance.
  • Flood Damage Mitigation Services: Recover from a flood with water extraction, drying, and repair services. Our team will work quickly to dehumidify your space, patch leaks, repair drywall, and help fix flood damage.
  • Flood Damage Restoration Services: Restore your space to its former glory with detailed waterproofing services. Our team can also assist you with sump pump installation, drywall repair, and other water damage recovery services.
  • Home Restoration Services: After a disaster strikes, your home may need a lot of work to get it back “up and running.” Our local specialists work to quickly identify all of the issues with your property and suggest the most effective solutions available. We can assist you with fire, water, smoke, and other damage leftover from a disaster.
  • Mold Remediation and Removal Services: Our team helps clear the air by scrubbing and purifying your space so that you can get rid of mold once and for all.
  • Odor Removal Services: No matter what the cause of the odor is, we are here to help. We eliminate mold, mildew, smoke, and other smells so that you can breathe easy.

The Disaster Recovery Process in South Atlanta

Triangle Legacy helps home and business owners in a wide range of situations. Because no two jobs are alike, we offer both emergency and non-emergency services. Here’s what you can expect when you give us a call.

Emergency Response Services:

  • Time is of the essence when disaster strikes. Our specialists will take an immediate, proactive approach by arriving to your property within one hour of your call.

Non-Emergency Services:

If we have a little more time to work with you, we are able to schedule an appointment that works with your current schedule. We can not only identify the root cause of your water, fire, smoke, or mold issues, but we can help you take preventative measures to keep it from returning to your home.

  • Free assessment: Our team will arrive at your property to see the damage first-hand and offer suggestions.
  • Free consultation: Let’s chat about your property damage and find solutions that work with your schedule and budget.
  • Free estimate: Make a decision about your project after learning about all the costs. We will provide you with a written proposal so you know exactly how your project will be handled.
  • Signature approval: We never start working on a project before your approval. We provide a written agreement and a signature so that everyone involved with your project have a clear understanding of what work will be done.
  • Starting the project: Our local team will schedule a time to work on your project. We pride ourselves on being prompt, quick, and accurate. Our goal is to cause as little disruption to your space as possible.

Whether you are worried about potential damage to your historic South Atlanta home or your commercial building was the unfortunate victim of a disaster, our team of local specialists are here to help. We help people in the city recover from a wide range of damage. We want you to know that we are always prepared to help you with your disaster recovery and home restoration needs.

To learn more, please give us a call at 301.523.9419 or 703.673.1175 or toll-free at 800.830.3324. We look forward to working with you.